Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NEW Princess Power Barbies


Madelon saw the new Princess Power Barbies at Target. I have seen them at TRU. New face mold, hair colors and painted torso.

Abby  and  Maddy

Princess Power, Chelsea and Scooter, pink.

Princess Power, Chelsea and Scooter, blue.


This is a cute set, Barbie and Ken Pilots.

What are your thoughts??


  1. I love that they made Barbie a pilot as well and not just an flight attendent. (not that they're anything wrong with flght fact, I wish they made Ken one!) :)

  2. I am not too excited about the Princess Power dolls and I really don't like the painted on torsos! I do like the Pilot dolls and, Farrah Lily, I think Ken does look more like a Flight Attendant than he does a pilot!