Monday, May 18, 2015

BeForever vs PC Mini Josefina

We have already seen the new stock image of mini BeForever Josefina on AG Publishing website.

I have an acrylic eyed Pleasant Company Josefina mini doll and there are major differences! 

PC Josie has less face paint and of course those acrylic eyes.

The meet outfit is different than the original. It too got an update to reflect the BeForever version.

PC Josie has a cloth body whereas BF Josie has an all vinyl body.

PC Josefina has a wig, NOT rooted hair.

The details on the fingers and nails are more distinct on PC Josie.
Place holders have been set for mini Josefina debut Aug 27th fall release.


  1. What a beautiful doll😍 you know my love for minis , I have 19 clothe bodies ones
    but none of them are pleasant company ! The eyes , and omg they have wigs???
    That is just precious ! She is beautiful , thank you for sharing 💜

    1. You can find her on ebay!!!! Good luck!