Saturday, May 23, 2015

*Opening* Summer Dress for Mini Addy

 I bought this ready made dress from Auntie Robin because it reminded me of Addy's Summer dress.

It's a beautifully made cotton dress with three snap closures for easy on/off.

Can be worn with or without the velvet sash.


Dress maker details - lace trimmed sleeves, velvet sash, bow embellishment - fits perfect!

I made this hat last year, I think she looks ADORABLE in this!!

Auntie Robin has ready-made mini doll clothing in her shop right now! Prices are from $7 - $12.


  1. Adorable dress! :) Addy looks gorgeous.

  2. I wouldn't have looked at this dress and seen Addy's summer dress, but with the hat and on Addy, it sure does resemble the "look".

  3. To make this look even more like Addy's, remove the bow and sew on three red seed beads as the cherry brooch. Or you could just embroider the cherries.