Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vintage Blue Bonnet Dolls (1950-70)

My grandmother had a few Blue Bonnet Margarine dolls. Blue Bonnet offered several promotional dolls from 1950-70. Little girls could mail off a coupon and a small amount of money typically under $1.25 and receive an 8-inch plastic advertising doll. My mom recently sent these that she found while antiquing.


I've taken a series of photos with and without the flash so we can get a look at the details.

 The legs do not bend. She is missing a shoe.

 Her bonnet is glued onto her hair and the corset is stapled onto the back of the dress.

Do any of you collect these or Duchess Dolls?


  1. They're so pretty! I especially like the one in the pink dress.

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you! I forgot to mention they have wigs and sleep eyes.

    2. I have all 3 sets of the Blue Bonnet Margarine dolls, they actually started in the 60's, not 50's. The first doll pictured is called England from their "Dolls of All Lands". Blue Bonnet Sue is the other doll here and she is also in their "Storybook Dolls" collection. Many other companies sold identical dolls, ie, ARCO, Reddi-Wip. They must have all got these dolls from the same supplier, although they often did change the color and/or dress pattern. I love my little ladies and agree that they are very pretty!