Tuesday, August 18, 2015

*REVIEW* LORI by OG - Mini Doll Collection

The Lori by OG collection is very cute and well made.  Every tiny item has a lot of detail.  The product says for ages 3+, but I think it should be 8+, there are too many small items and the clothes are not easy to change on the dolls. 

Ballet dolls $9.99

Deluxe Pet sets $15.99

Close up of doll faces (the dolls have the same body as before).

Back of box

New outfits $6.99.

Outfit one "I Spot You".

Outfit two - "Lovely Lace".

Outfit three - "Glam Gal".

Back of box of outfits.

 "Loft of Love" mini doll house $49.99.

Picture of doll house on brochure.

Furniture sets living room and outside patio $12.99 each.

Furniture sets desk set and bedroom $12.99 each.

Dolls inside the doll house.

Bedroom area.

Roof top patio.

View of the entire doll house.

RV camper $34.99.

Kitchen light works.

Dolls fit nicely inside the camper.

The side of the camper closes, but the small door still works.

Overall this collection was well received by a 10 year old girl who had fun setting it up for me. I had to go to two different Target stores, stock was very low, so items may be hard to find in August.  I will be keeping my eyes for the car and the Ballet Studio.

Love this collection!

Thank you Diana!!!!


  1. We've been waiting on the LORI line for a while now...
    I stopped off at Target today and picked up all but the car, camper, ballet studio and whatever the Deluxe Accessories sets are going to be as they were NOT in stock. (The catalog that comes with the LOFT Doll House only shows the furniture sets).
    The Pet Accessories Sets (2) turned out to be DOLLS + Pets.
    We also got a THIRD Ballet Doll, CYARRA - she's AA.
    I have NOT opened anything yet, but am impressed with the overall quality, especially for the PRICE.
    The Dolls + Pet Sets are especially detailed and have multiple outfit parts (dress + coat or jacket, head band, purse, tights or socks + shoes) and a separate leash with collar for the dog.
    We got all 4 outfits - top, bottom, shoes/boots + accessories (sun glasses, purse, headband, or ear muffs) for ONLY $6.99 apiece! The I SPOT YOU outfit even has a sleeveless shirt under the jacket!
    * * * *
    The 4 FURNITURE sets are molded plastic with some fabric parts (covers & cushions), but have lots of little accessory pieces.
    Home Workspace - I had to read the back of the box to find out what the two little round yellow thingies are - speakers!
    Cozy Bedroom Set - looks like the drawers in the dresser open!
    Living Room Lounge Set - we'll have to come up with a tiny lamp (Tate Museum Online etsy shop - Mini Room/Cottage + Furniture Patterns).
    Rooftop Patio Set - the umbrella opens and closes.
    * * * *
    LOFT to LOVE Doll House:
    The house comes pre-assembled -yeah!
    It measures just under 12" wide x 20" long by 19" high.
    The door (plastic) on the left side opens.
    The windows above the door are open, as are the windows on the right and the sun roof.
    The windows on the left/back corner have a thin plastic covering.
    The roof top is covered with fuzzy green felt, sort of like faux astro-turf!
    We're already thinking of add-ons and holiday decor....
    and hoping one of the DELUXE Accessories Sets will be kitchenware!
    The whole set has a TRENDY, uptown feel - very cosmopolitan!
    * * * *
    NOTE: we lucked into being there as items were being stocked so that we got the large box the doll house comes in. They are individually boxed for shipping, but will be shelved open. If you want the box, especially for gift-wrapping, you may want to contact your local Target about putting aside an unopened doll house for you.
    The furniture also comes 4 (one of each set) to a box.
    * * * *
    Thanks for all your posts and PIX!

  2. We just found the camper!
    Again, I love that it's all put together.
    The ONLY difficult parts were getting the plastic zip tie off the table and cutting the tape and plastic holding bits & pieces together - a bit tricky.
    The little accessories come inside a molded piece of plastic attached to the kitchen unit.
    I KNOW THEY'RE ALL THERE! (That is, nothing was removed prior to purchase.)
    However, even though the brochure that comes with the camper states that there are TWO cups, dishes, bowls, and sets of tableware; there is really only ONE of each (as shown in the photo).
    Somewhat disappointing.
    Another issue is the kitchen cabinet doors - they come off very easily.
    And, the little drawer inside the right side cabinet next to the bunk beds is difficult to access because the door can only open part way (the cabinet butts up right next to the bed frame, so the door cannot open all the way).
    On the PLUS side: there's loads of storage space!
    The top cabinets on the back side open (2).
    All of the kitchen cabinets open (see exception above).
    The oven opens and there is a storage drawer beneath.
    Now I'm really looking at it, perhaps the right side cabinets is meant as a refrigerator?
    The bunks are just long enough for the OG dolls (head to toe); the slightly shorter AG minis fit a bit more "comfortably".
    * * * *
    Overall, it's a FUN piece, though I'm not sure how well it will hold up with play.
    The unit is made from somewhat thin molded plastic and is on the FLIMSY side.
    It's so CUTE though...
    We are already planning accessories & add-ons!
    Thanks, again!

    1. WOW! Congrats! I would love to see photos...email if you have time: SnickerdoodleStreet@yahoo.com

  3. I was at Target tonight browsing the toy area and I stumbled upon these Lori by OG dolls. I couldn't resist, they are just too cute. I bought Naomi for my daughter. I'm looking for info on them. Were they just released? Do you have links to more info on them? Their website really doesn't have anything. They are beautiful dolls! Such a great alternative to Barbie in my opinion. I wanted to buy every doll and accessory in stock, lol! Especially the house, it is so cute! I'm mainly looking for more info on them. Are they growing in popularity? Fizzling out? Not known yet? Thanks!