Monday, September 7, 2015

LORI - Go Everywhere Convertible Car

LORI continues to show up in Target stores nationwide. Here is a close up of the convertible. Madelon is on the east coast and from what I understand Atlanta is getting these little cars in right now too.

I'm in northern Texas, no cars at my stores yet, but Maxine has found the car in Houston.

For those of you who want a second vehicle or more affordable car, this $5.00 car is at Walmart.

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  1. Yeah! We were just able to get the ballet studio and car!

    ANYONE know yet what the DELUXE ACCESSORIES are?
    * * * *
    The car is pretty sturdy - much more so than any of the other pieces.
    As mentioned in the review, the doors open on both sides
    and the wheels turn.
    The steering wheel spins.
    and the gear shift (radio control) moves.
    We're already thinking of adding a carport onto the doll house.
    * * * *
    The BALLET STUDIO is more flimsy.
    The top has a sort of half roof across the back with openings that can be used as a handle.
    Only time will tell how well it holds up as far as portability is concerned!
    The right side windows are all open (no clear plastic covering) except for the clock.
    On the PLUS side, as with the doll house, the ballet studio comes fully constructed - no messing about with small bits & pieces trying to put it all together.
    The lights work though ours turn off after just a few seconds.
    The piano plays a song - much longer -
    when you press down on the foot pedal.
    The "chalkboard" on the side wall is stick-on vinyl.
    I think a tailor's chalk pencil will work much better on it than the included piece of chalk.
    It's also easy to replace once it gets grungy.

    So far, we're really enjoying Lori's Mini World!