Friday, September 11, 2015

*REVIEW* LORI by OG - Ballet Studio + Video

Lori by OG Ballet Studio

The Lori Ballet Studio arrived!  It is awesome!
Items that come with the studio: 4 doll holders to attached to the bar so the minis can stay in position and chalk for the blackboard.

Isabelle plays the piano. Minis are practicing their routines and are held to the bar with the holders.

Studio clock.

Front of studio is all white.

When the inside lights turn on so do the outside lights.

Inside lights.


Note:  The piano is adorable, the top opens up like a real piano and is very detailed.  Also pushing down on the foot pedals allow music to start playing.  It is classical music.

My only suggestion to OG is I wish it would fold up to be easier to store when not in use.  It does take up space, but it is one of my favorite pieces in the collection.


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