Wednesday, November 18, 2015

HTM 70's Furniture - Mini Julie


I love this set! It's perfect for Julie and Ivy!!

  • Cardboard tubes (paper towel, toilet paper, wrapping paper, or foil tube)
  • Craft paint
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric
  • Hot glue
  1. Draw on tube a circle diagonally measured at 3" back and 2" seat, cut.
  2. Trace the bottom of the tube onto a piece of cardboard. Cut 5 pieces.
  3. Hot glue a circle cut out to the bottom and seat of each chair.
  4. Measure and cut another section of tube to make the table base.
  5. Hot glue the last circle to the bottom of table.
  6. Cut another piece of cardboard a little wider than the table (tube) for a round table top, hot glue to base. 
  7. Paint
  8. Make seat cushions with fabric.

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