Monday, November 16, 2015

*Review* DAC Mini Doll Set - Belle

Here is a guest post by Daisy Doll!

Here is everything in the case before I opened it.

Here is everything out of the box. Everything looks cute!!

Here is cute little Belle she stands 5 inches high. Belle comes with this blue sparkling dress based off the beginning of the movie Beauty and the Beast. The dress has cute lace trim around the collar and at the bottom of her dress.    

Belle has beautiful thick and long brown hair.

Belle's knees can bend so she can sit easier. Belle is wearing little black shoes that slip off easily,but don't come with any socks.

This set comes with a mini version of Belle's horse Philippe. Philippe's head can be positioned up or down.

Belle sits really well on Philippe.

The rest of this set comes with these adorable accessories based on the movie. 

Everything fits back in inside the case really nice.

Well that's it for this review. My bigger animator Belle really likes her new doll!! They both look really cute!! 

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