Friday, January 8, 2016

*REVIEW* Mini GOTY16 Lea Clark

Lea is very cute!

She has very tan skin and lots of bouncy full waves in her hair.

She wears lime green underwear. The one piece dress velcroes in back.

Love her shoes!! 

Her dress is very colorful, I really like the print and style.

She is available at B&N, Book Depository, Books-A-Million, Amazon and Target.


  1. We love Our two Mini of Lea's purchased at Target for $9.99. One is for Lea and one is for Kanani and at Our house Lea and Kanani are Sisters with Daughter's that are mini's

  2. She is so cute. I paid $40 Cdn for her here in Canada at the AG boutique in Vancouver BC. Yes, indeedy; $40!!!! But the 18" Lea is $164 so I cannot afford her. I really like the mini Lea.