Tuesday, February 23, 2016

*REVIEW* Emmaline Dream Doll - Ginger Brook Hollow

In a previous spotlight post, we visited the Dream Dolls of Ginger Brook Hollow. I was able to order a few at deep discount.


 Here is Emmaline.

Dependable, organized, faithful, and wise are all word that describe Emmaline. She is the oldest of the girls and has taken the part of being their big sister even though they are only months apart in age. When they need wise council it is common for the girls to seek out Emmaline. Miss Gretchen counts on her to keep order and peace among all her "orphan sisters". She is a good student, especially when it comes to arithmetic. She wants to be a store keeper when she grows up. She is so good at putting things in order and accounting for them that Harold often lets her help in his general store where she loves to help put away all the new goods that come in. She is practical enough that she doesn’t want to make her dreams higher than she thinks might be possible, but if she could dream about being anything she wanted, she might even choose to be a teacher. There is something calm and enchanting about Emmaline’s deep green eyes that is easy to love.

Each 8" doll is dressed in undies, tights and flat Mary Janes.

This is why Emmaline was on discount....she has discoloration around her waist from the clothing. All dolls are made of hard, durable vinyl with ball jointed arms and a pivoting head. 


"2005 Ginger Brook Hollow". 
All dolls have wigs and the hair is ultra soft, easy to manage.

The one piece dress is very well made! Tiny buttons and trims.

Snap closures.

She can sit easily, these dolls have a lot of movement and are easy to pose.

Emmaline is just beautiful with her dark brown hair and green eyes. I recommend these dolls. They are very well made, the clothing is quality and true to period and the wigs are very nice! 

Ginger Brook Hollow $35.00


  1. Great review! She is beautiful. I love her dress!!

  2. She's so beautiful! I love that there's a backstory, and her outfit looks so well-made.

    Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

  3. Great review. She's very pretty. I can see her being the eldest sister of the bunch.