Wednesday, February 24, 2016

*REVIEW* Kathryn Dream Doll - Ginger Brook Hollow

Kathryn $35.00

Cheerful Kathryn has been nicknamed “The Songbird? by April. She often greets the morning cheerfully as she sings a quiet little song. While she is working it is easy to find where she is by following the sound of a song. Her favorite color is yellow which is probably why she usually picks lemon drops when she can have candy from Harold’s store. Kathryn likes to read and listen to stories as much as she likes to sing. She is often the one who will read aloud when all the girls are in bed at night. She loves to dress up and pretend to be a character from one of the stories, especially a princess. Kathryn likes to look pretty and is especially good with helping the other girls fix their hair for special occasions. She wishes she could read and write music for herself, but her greatest wish is to be a mother and have her own babies and children to sing to.

Kathryn arrived in her nightgown!

Look at those curls!!

The gown is crisp white cotton, simply sweet.

Her dress is purple cotton with a white bib collar to match the half apron.

Snap closures.

She has the most face paint out of all the girls. Her blue eyes are beautiful, and all dolls have real lashes.

She is very sweet and I recommend these dolls highly.


  1. Katherine is sweet! Her facial features and expression remind me of Drew Barrymore.

  2. I think Katherine is my favorite. I went to the website, and it listed the mini dolls (if you wanted them in more than underwear) at $70! For an 8" mini doll, $35 seems a little high, but $70? Also, there are two dolls that you have not yet shown: Johannah and Louisa. Do you plan to buy these?
    Finally, how did you get Meg and Suzannah for $35? On the website, many of the doll listings say that "if you buy this doll at the reduced price shown, understand she may have marks from the dye in her dress." Did all the dolls develop this problem? And how come Louisa is still $70?