Saturday, June 25, 2016

*REVIEW* AVON Dollhouse and Furniture

The dollhouse and furniture set are sold separately.  I got both sets on sale.  $19.99 for the dollhouse and $14.99 for the furniture set.

 The 3-story pop-up screen printed dollhouse is 36" tall x 28" wide x 10" deep. 

It comes in three sections which are then velcroed together. It also has two floor panels and two room dividers which are also velcroed in place.

The directions come with pictures for ease of assembly however, although it says on the bag that it is for children age 6 and up, adult supervision is helpful.

 Rooms include a kitchen, living room, bathroom, office and bedroom.   The roof has a skylight that looks down into the bedroom.

The color scheme is bright and cheerful and the room decorations are sure to be loved by any little girl.   Lots of pink and purple.

The panels can be easily disassembled and stored flat.  It is designed for indoor use only and should not be allowed to get wet.

There is a warning not to place it near flammable sources.

The furniture is paper-laminated foam core board.  The assembly directions are very good and the pieces punch out easily, however, adult supervision is helpful to make sure the narrow legs of the tables and the bed posts do not get bent.  That being said, the pieces are sturdy.

The furniture is absolutely adorable!!!!!!! 

The bedroom set has a 4 post bed with a night stand, armoire and dresser. 

The armoire opens to reveal three adorable dresses and some fashion accessories.

The dresser drawers actually open.

The bathroom has a footed tub, toilet, sink and mirror with towel.  I'm not sure why a tub need a life preserver but I do like the rubber duckies.

 The office has a desk with lamp and computer, bookshelves with a printer and an office chair.

The living room has a book cabinet, two overstuffed chairs and a coffee table with teacups and a teapot.  I wish it came with a sofa.

 The kitchen has a table and chairs, refrigerator and sink cabinet.  No stove.  The frig open to reveal some fruits and dairy products.

The cabinet has a swivel faucet with veggies on the counter and in the sink.  The cabinet doors open.  Nothing inside. 


The table is set with an assortment of desserts.

It took my 7-year-old granddaughter and I about 2 hours to assemble it all.  At that point she had had enough fun and wasn't interested in playing with it.  We'll do that on her next visit

I'm very pleased with both the house and the furniture.  I think my granddaughter and I will have lots of fun.


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