Tuesday, April 30, 2013

*A Postcard....*


Kit brought in the mail after breakfast. There was a postcard addressed to: The AG Minis of Snickerdoodle Street. "Hey we just got a postcard from Jefferson, Illinois. Who do we know from Illinois?" Kit asked. "I don't know." Kirsten shrugged. "I have no idea." Answered Samantha. "Well read it. What does it say?"
Kit cleared her throat, "(uh hum) Dear AG Minis, I am on my way to Liberty Town where I will come to live with you at your house. I will arrive Wednesday, May 1st." -pause- "May 1st? Wednesday? That's tomorrow!" Felicity exclaimed. "Thanks for the advance warning..." Kit mumbled.
"Tomorrow? Here? We don't have any room!" Felicity said. "Exactly! Nellie and I are crammed in the attic as is." Said Samantha. "I am NOT sharing my tiny attic room!" Kit shrieked. "Hey," Nellie said pointing a finger at Kirsten and Felicity, "You two have the biggest room in the house! You have room to spare, let the new doll share your bedroom." Felicity and Kristen both looked at each other. "But how we only have two beds?" Kirsten replied.
 "You'll get bunk beds like the ones Nellie and I have." Samantha said very matter-of-fact. "Bunks? Where are we going to find bunk beds? She is coming here tomorrow!!" Felicity said panicked.
"Let me finish the postcard." Kit interrupted. "I am not sure what time exactly. I can't wait to meet all of you."
"Oh great!" Nellie said. "She sounds so nice too!"
"It's signed M.J.M." Kit said questioningly.
Kirsten looked at Felicity. "Looks like we have a lot of work to do."  
Can you guess what doll is coming to live on Snickerdoodle Street?

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Doll House (Q&A)

Since starting this blog I have had a lot of questions about where I got my doll house and the things inside. How long have I had it, etc. so I will attempt to answer most of those questions here.

For months I had been telling (OK whining...) to my husband about wanting a Victorian dollhouse. I said, "the thought of building a dollhouse is both overwhelming and intimidating to me. I wish I could just buy one already assembled." But do you know how much those cost? Hundreds!

In June 2012, I passed a re-sale antique store and decided to go inside. There it was! An assembled 3-story doll house! I couldn't believe it!It was in very bad shape!! It needed a lot of work.

The wrap around porch was falling off. After speaking to the shop owner I found out that her husband had built it and she was buying furniture for it. Apparently the house was left outside then it had rained. Once the sun came back out, it caused the siding to bow and the porch floor to buckle.  As we looked at the damage she began offering suggestions on how to fix the porch. I decided to purchase it and give it the TLC it needed. 

I have been informed by a dollhouse enthusiast that it's a Franklin by Artsy circa 1979.
  • MODEL #124 
  • 31"x 19"x 34" ASSEMBLED 
The kit that served as the foundation for this home has been long out of production and is not often seen on the secondary market. The Kit is all die-cut and the wood is very thin and splits easily. It doesn't take paint well, so she suggested that I cover it with clapboard siding to help stabilize the structure somewhat.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mini Doll Clothes (Resource)



We all need more clothes for our AG mini dolls, so when I found her shop (I made a purchase) I knew I had to share her wonderful items with my readers. Currently her special focus is on sewing clothes for American Girl mini dolls (6.5") to provide little girls with hours of fun dressing up and playing with these unique sized dolls. With over 30 years experience sewing doll clothes and children's clothes you are sure to find something you'll love!

 I purchased two dresses and LOVE them!

If your mini needs pajamas - she has them!

Adorable dresses



Fairly priced, I guarantee you will find something for your minis! Link to her shop by clicking on her banner above.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HTM Mini Sleeping Bag

My AG friend Karen, who has a very informative doll blog- Karen Mom of Threes Craft Blog posted a cute step by step tutorial for making a mini sleeping bag! I LOVE THIS! She has given me permission to share this with you and I know you're going to love it. I encourage you to check out her blog - she has SEVERAL amazing craft projects and FREE patterns!

Click on the image for Karen's mini sleeping bag tutorial:

How to make a sleeping bag for American Girl Mini Dolls
Thank you Karen!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mini Dolls by Brand - History of AG Mini Dolls


Year of introduction: 1995
Height: 6.00" to 6.25"
Primary material: Vinyl
Doll types: Play dolls
Retail: $20.00
About the brand: 
Mini dolls were introduced in 1995. They included the original five historical dolls and had glass inset eyes and a glued on wig. They came with an abridged edition of their “Meet” books and a small pamphlet that looked just like the large pamphlet that came with the 18” dolls at that time. Josefina was added 1997.

From the American Girl Catalog at the time.

 Mini Dolls of the American Girls
Of course the doll that every Girl of Today wants this holiday season is from The American Girl’s Collection. Select one for your girl or give her a set of all five! Each 6-inch mini-doll comes with a tiny version of the first book in her series—fun bedtime reading for your American Girl and you!

In 2001 the original dolls were discontinued and the current dolls were debuted. They included painted eyes and rooted hair. They still come with the "Meet" book, but no longer have the small pamphlet. 

In 2011, for their 25th Anniversary, American Girl sold a limited edition of 12 mini dolls in their holiday outfits. 
 In December 2010 American Girl announced a special edition of mini dolls.  They used the regular mini doll body.  The dolls came dressed in their holiday outfits.  They also came with an abridged mini version of the doll’s holiday book with the exception of C├ęcile and Marie-Grace who came with their meet books. 

The first available doll was Samantha.  She was shown in the December catalog along with the display shelf and  shadows of the other dolls.  A a new doll was revealed each month.  They announced that the dolls would be available until December 31, 2011 or until supplies lasted.  Retail $24.00

To compliment the collection of mini dolls, American Girl® offered a mini doll display shelf which came with two shelves, 12 mini doll stands, plus spots to place the name stickers that came with each doll.
Released 2012 

First time a Girl of the Year mini doll was created, but not sold in American Girl stores.
Saige Copeland 2013

Isabelle Palmer 2014 Girl of the Year

Grace Thomas 2015 Girl of the Year

All photos: American Girl

Resource: Dollation Dollipedia