Tuesday, April 30, 2013

*A Postcard....*


Kit brought in the mail after breakfast. There was a postcard addressed to: The AG Minis of Snickerdoodle Street. "Hey we just got a postcard from Jefferson, Illinois. Who do we know from Illinois?" Kit asked. "I don't know." Kirsten shrugged. "I have no idea." Answered Samantha. "Well read it. What does it say?"
Kit cleared her throat, "(uh hum) Dear AG Minis, I am on my way to Liberty Town where I will come to live with you at your house. I will arrive Wednesday, May 1st." -pause- "May 1st? Wednesday? That's tomorrow!" Felicity exclaimed. "Thanks for the advance warning..." Kit mumbled.
"Tomorrow? Here? We don't have any room!" Felicity said. "Exactly! Nellie and I are crammed in the attic as is." Said Samantha. "I am NOT sharing my tiny attic room!" Kit shrieked. "Hey," Nellie said pointing a finger at Kirsten and Felicity, "You two have the biggest room in the house! You have room to spare, let the new doll share your bedroom." Felicity and Kristen both looked at each other. "But how we only have two beds?" Kirsten replied.
 "You'll get bunk beds like the ones Nellie and I have." Samantha said very matter-of-fact. "Bunks? Where are we going to find bunk beds? She is coming here tomorrow!!" Felicity said panicked.
"Let me finish the postcard." Kit interrupted. "I am not sure what time exactly. I can't wait to meet all of you."
"Oh great!" Nellie said. "She sounds so nice too!"
"It's signed M.J.M." Kit said questioningly.
Kirsten looked at Felicity. "Looks like we have a lot of work to do."  
Can you guess what doll is coming to live on Snickerdoodle Street?

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