Thursday, April 18, 2013

House Tour - First Floor

This very large historic house only seems large to a passer-by. Inside it's an entirely different story! Five dolls sharing three bedrooms and one bathroom. There's bickering, impatience and noise. Let's have a peak inside while the dolls are away from home.

FIRST FLOOR - Common Areas
The Foyer has a small "catch all" table for mail, keys and messages. Here is where the umbrellas, coats and gloves go during inclement weather. In spring and summer you'll probably find sun hats and bonnets. You can see the unfinished wall on the right - this is where the highly anticipated powder room is going to be.

The kitchen is off the foyer where home cooked meals are cranked out three times a day. Weekly each girl is given an assigned task. This rotating schedule is drawn up by Samantha. 

Across the foyer is a combined dining area and parlor, both separated visually by the fireplace. This is a beautiful room! It's cheery and comfortable.

Let's detour here and mention that the home is in constant renovation which is a huge source of stress for the dolls. 

Under the first floor staircase is an under utilized broom/storage closet. Practical yet valuable space to these dolls!! They are eagerly waiting for this small space to be turned into a powder room. A much needed powder room. Again the dolls have to follow a bathroom schedule made by Samantha. Practical yes but no so when there's an emergency (if you know what I mean!)

This completes the first floor tour. Stay tuned for another peek at the upper rooms.


  1. where do you get your adorable furniture?

  2. The wooden pieces of furniture are from the Dollar Tree, and the kitchen/bathroom pieces are from ebay. The beds and upholstered items that I made myself. Check the HTM or furniture section on this blog for how tos.