Friday, April 19, 2013

House Tour - Second Floor

Here we will pick up with our tour. 

 Once up the stairs to the second floor hall passage there is the main bathroom (above the kitchen). This bathroom is bright but again the only bathroom.
The second floor passage has a special nook tucked under the stairs leading up to the third floor attic. In this nook is a mini library with a simple desk where the girls take turns studying. It's not all that quiet, but where is there a quiet place in this house??
Next to the mini library is Felicity and Kirsten's bedroom. It is the largest bedroom with unfinished natural wood furniture. 

Felicity's side of the room is at the front of the house. 
Kirsten's bed
Each doll has her own dresser, and the desk divides the two sides of the room. The flooring is yet to be installed as well as a mirror and small wall art.


  1. I love the wallpaper in the bedroom! ~Claire ;)

  2. I love the bathroom!And the bedroom!Good job,Rhonda!