Friday, May 31, 2013

Mini Doll Shoes Resource

ANother source for mini doll shoes!! Ebay store: pawsbcaws unlimited
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HTM Mini Couch

 Click on photo for tutorial link

What you'll need

  • Ruler
  • Ballpoint pen
  • 1 empty tissue box, 9x4x5 inches
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Furry fabric cut into rectangles as follows: two 5x6 inches; one 9x19 inch; two 4x6 inches
  • Fabric glue
  • 2 rubber bands
  • 6 to 8 cotton balls
Measure and mark 2 matching 3-inch squares on the end panels of the box (see diagram).

Using a ruler and a ballpoint pen, score lines across the long sides of the box, as shown. (These will help when folding the box in step 4.) Cut out the squares on the end panels. Push in the edge of the box as shown to create a couch shape. Secure the open seams with masking tape.

Trace each of the L-shaped ends of the box onto a 5- by 6-inch piece of fabric, leaving a half-inch border. Cut out the pieces and glue them in place, then trim the corners, as shown. Also snip into the corners of the fabric where the sofa seat and back meet, creating fabric flaps. Glue down all of the flaps.
Cover the rest of the tissue box with the 9- by 19-inch piece of fabric. Starting with the bottom panel, apply glue to the box and press the fabric in place, one section at a time. Trim off any extra fabric if you like.
To make the couch's arms, roll the 4- by 6-inch fabric pieces into 6-inch-long tubes with the fur on the inside. Secure one end of the tube with a rubber band and turn it inside out. Fill each tube with 3 or 4 cotton balls and glue the arms to the seat and back of the couch, seam side down.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HTM Doll Closet

 Using a 3 ring binder with clear sheet protectors, you can store plenty of mini doll clothing pieces.
Pink and Green Mama

 I made a closet out of a medium USPS shipping box. I covered it in scrapbook paper inside and out.

 I made two small holes on the sides for a dowel to fit through, then I secured it with hot glue. I hot glued a small shelf to make a separate area for shoes.  

 Home made chenille stick hangers! 

I left my dowel a little longer so I could hang more purses on the outside. You can store A LOT of mini clothes or (Barbie, Liv or Blythe)

Monday, May 27, 2013

HTM Doll House Accessories

Great ideas for minis from

 An old piece of plastic table cloth, a wood dowel and a couple of beads. You can also make small holes and use the chain links from an old necklace for shower curtain hooks.

Eyeshadow tins make great baking tins and serving trays!! 

Coffee filter tablecloth! 

Part of a container from a gumball machine, a button and a small bead glued to the top.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

HTM Mini Radio

You can print this old fashioned radio for Molly and/or Kit. I love this!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mini House for Charity

I love dolls! 
I love doll houses! 
I had a life size doll house when I was little.

Look at this GORGEOUS miniature house created for the Children's Hospital! Sponsored by Monique Lhuillier.
Here it is!!! A first look at the dollhouse for the Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA...a replica of our NY flagship boutique. My journey into the miniature world...see the result!! xx Monique 

A live auction was held April 17th at the The Beverly Hills Hotel with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute.
 This is the bridal floor
 The Ready to Wear floor
 The Bridal Atelier

A look at the entire interior of the house!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

*Strange Shadows*

 Cecile and Marie Grace were chatting on the porch when a strange shadow quickly whizzed by.
"Oh! What was that?" Cecile asked startled.
"WHO was that?" Marie Grace responded.
"It looked like a thin figure with a hat on." Cecile said.
"Shh. What if it comes back? Let's go inside" Marie Grace said hurriedly.

What do you think they saw?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

*Weird Laughter*

The dolls were cleaning up after breakfast when they heard laughter.....
WIDE EYED they stared at each other...
"Did you HEAR that?" Kit asked.
"I heard laughter." Kirsten said.
"No I mean did you hear the same type of laughter as I did?" Kit said impatiently.
"If you're implying that it was..." Molly said.
"You know what I am implying because it was so obvious!" Kit yelled.
"Calm down Kit!" Samantha snapped.
"We all heard exactly what you heard."

What do you think Kit is referring to?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

*Powder Room*

Now that Molly is all settled and after the meeting of the new neighbors, life goes back to normal. The usual tension of only one bathroom plus an extra doll, has everyone miserable. Today Samantha has great news!
 "Dolls listen up! I have great news! The downstairs powder room is complete!" Samantha shrieks with excitement!

"Really?" Nellie asked. Samantha shakes her head yes.
"Oh this is more than great news! This is wonderful. I am so happy!" Felicity cheers. Just then Kit takes off running to the first floor hall.
"It's true! Look!"
 All of the dolls gather, "it even has a sign on the door that says "powder room".
 "It's small, but it will be terrific not having to wait in line hopping back and forth on each foot!"
"You're so lucky! You moved in at the right time, no more bathroom fights." Kirsten nudges Molly.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mini Saige & Nicki Register for Summer Camp!

 Saige and Nicki are VERY excited to be participating in their first ever virtual summer camp together!! They have named their cabin: THE FIREFLIES!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

*MORE New Neighbors* + House Tour

Kit woke up early to the sound of chattering outside.

 "What the heck?" 
"New neighbors! Oh my goodness!"
She burst into Samantha and Nellie's room. "Wake up! Wake up! We have MORE new neighbors!!"
"Calm down..." Samantha told Kit, Nellie sat up in bed.

Kit ran down the stairs to the second floor...
"Get up you three sleepy heads! You have got to see this!" Kit pointed to the window.
"MORE new neighbors!"
"Oh my goodness! Look at their beautiful house!" Kirsten said.

"Well what are you waiting for? Let's go SEE IT UP CLOSE!"
"Just a minute!" Samantha said, "we should get Nicki and Saige to go with us." Kit rolled her eyes, she was impatient.
"I'll go next door to get them." Molly said already out the door.
The dolls gathered together and stood on the wrap around porch.
"Gee whiz! Look at their porch! Ours is rickety and dusty! And our awning is missing..." Kit grumbled.
"Its not missing! It's been temporarily removed so the front of the house can be worked on." Samantha snapped.
Nellie and Felicity winked at each other, "they have a door!"
(KNOCK KNOCK) Just then the door came crashing down!
"Oh no! I am so sorry! Is anyone hurt?" Marie Grace said quickly.
"No everyone is fine, but you should be very careful." Nicki said.
"Oh my gosh!" Felicity grabbed Nellie. "Their door isn't even attached!"  
"Hello, we live next door and wanted to introduce ourselves." Felicity said. "Here is a basket of fresh eggs from our chicken coop."
"Oh thank you."
"Your house is lovely! We just recently moved into the house that sits on the other side of their 3-story." Said Saige.
"Yes it's the square white one." Nicki added.

"Cecile! Come and meet our neighbors..." called Marie Grace.
Just then everyone gasped. "Just the two of you live this big house?" Saige asked.
 "Bonjour! The house is not THAT big. It really only has one bedroom that is why I took the attic space." Explained Cecile.
"Attic space! I have an attic bedroom too. Can we see it?" Kit asked.
"Sure we'll give you the tour..." motioned Marie Grace.
The dolls looked high and low, gasping and murmuring all the while.
"Your bed is beautiful!!" Felicity said.
"They have real mirrors.." whispered Nellie.
"Attic space? It's not a space! It's the entire attic!" Kit exclaimed.
"Kit! Don't be rude!" Samantha said.
"Oh no it's quite alright. Yes Kit it is the entire width of the house, but do you see this tiny niche? It's impossible to do any thing with!" Cecile explained.

"Oh I think it's lovely. Maybe you could make it a closet." Samantha suggested.
"What's a niche?" Nellie asked Felicity. 
"It's like a small useless area, an alcove." Felicity answered.
"Well that sounds wonderful however I was considering it to be home for my volière." Cecile replied. The girls looked at one another..."pardonnez-moi I forget to say things in English - bird cage."
 The dolls enjoyed looking around the charming doll house and shared lemonade and conversation with their new neighbors.