Monday, May 13, 2013

HTM Mini Furniture

I love using Popsicle sticks for a lot of things. I personally cut the rounded edges off of 500 Popsicle sticks to lay flooring throughout my minis house. I have used them to make furniture and you can too! Glue, Popsicle sticks and patience!

Patio Furniture

My beds were made from cut to measure pieces of foam board then framed in Popsicle sticks.  

Once you have constructed your furniture pieces, you can paint them, then add cushions and tablecloths; bedding and pillows.


  1. Awesome ideas! I also love doing popsicle crafts. I will have to try some of your designs. Make sure to check out my AG blog thanx

  2. I have TONS of popsicicle sticks and didn't know what to do with them till now!I made a cardboard house for mini Kirsten and I didn't have enough furniture.