Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Saige & Nicki's Mini House

"It's crazy!" 
 Kit says writing her breaking news story. "It's unheard of but it's true! Witnesses have actually seen two mini Girl of the Year dolls living on Snickerdoodle Street." Kit reads out loud.
(knock knock) "Hey!" Felicity shouts and startles Kit. 

"We are going next door to take a look at the Girl of the Year house! Wanna go?" 
"Are you kidding? Wait where's my camera?" Kit digs in the dresser drawers then looks under her bed. "I need some photos for proof!"

(DING DONG) "They don't have a front door either!" Felicity whispers to Nellie.
"Hi! We wanted to bring you a plant to welcome you to Snickerdoodle Street." Kirsten says. "Oh thank you! Come on in."
Kit shoves past everyone and begins scanning the living room. "Wow! Your house is...modern." "Exactly Kit! They're not historical dolls!" Nellie nudges Kit.

Here let me show you around. It's kind of small but we like it. "It can't be THAT small if only two of you live here!" Kit says.
Here's our kitchen. "Gee whiz! Its so bright!" Says Kit. "Yea and clean!" Adds Kirsten. "Upstairs is the bathroom and our bedroom, come on", Saige motions.
"You're so lucky! Only two of you in the entire house, all five of us have to share a bathroom." Felicity explains. "Yes but we are having a powder room added on soon." Says Samantha.

"I love your bedroom! It's so colorful." Felicity says to Nicki. 

"Thanks! Saige painted all of the furniture and just look at all of her paintings on the walls." Nicki says.
The dolls spent the rest of the afternoon with their new neighbors! They all had so much fun!


  1. did you make saige? and kirsten?????

    1. Yes I made Saige and Nicki. Kirsten is from American Girl.

  2. I love how they keep commenting about no front door! I loved watching the video on making this house and then to see it furnished. So cute!

    1. Thanks Bee. Yes I am hoping to get a front door soon, but it appears they need a powder room first! LOL. Stay tuned.

  3. I love the bedrooms!it's funny how their worried about no front door!