Friday, May 10, 2013

Mini Doll Accessories (Resource)

 I am thrilled to have found this adorable shop on etsy. 

I was so happy both Kelley and Marilyn allowed me to feature The Toy Box on my blog.
About The TOY BOX:

 We are two retired sisters with lots of spare time and energy to spend on finding vintage items related to small dolls. As children, our favorite doll was "Ginny" and she still is, so most of our items are sized for her and her 8" friends but we do not limit ourselves and offer many sizes of furniture and accessories.

Some of our items are in their original state, others have been repaired or modified. Most of our things are from the 1950's or earlier so please do not expect them to be "like new". Many may be too fragile for use by small children.
We prefer to use antique or vintage fabrics and materials in our creations and have no way of knowing what they may have been exposed to in the past. We launder, clean and/or refurbish whenever possible, however some fabrics and stuffing are either too fragile or made of material that cannot be washed (feathers, celluloid, silk). Please consider this if you have allergies or other sensitivities.
I absolutely adore this shop and the gals running it! The photos are so precious and I find myself wanting every single item. I know that you will find what you need for your mini dolls. What an amazing resource! You can link to their shop by clicking on the banner above.

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  1. Oh! I love the doll with a stroller. It looks kind of old but it is still cute. I just wonder if they will sell these cute little stuffs at an affordable price.