Tuesday, June 11, 2013

*A Visit to First Aid* -Camp Doll Diaries

 Mini Saige and Nicki spent the early morning doing crafts.
"We have so much jewelry already," Saige told Nicki. "I'd like to make a few of these bracelets to send back for the dolls to share."
"That's a great idea!" Nicki agreed.
They took their time working with their beads.
After crafts were over, they were walking back to their cabin when all of a sudden.......

"OUCH!" Nicki said touching her cheek.
"OUCH!" She said again shaking her hand.
"Oh no what is it?" Saige asked.
"Oh no I think I got stung by a bee!!" Nicki cried. 
"Yes there's a red mark on your cheek, oh and one on your hand!"
"Oh no!" Nicki cried.
"Let's go see the nurse in First Aid." Saige suggested.
The dolls made their way to the First Aid office.
"Here it is, come on". Saige pointed.
"It's OK.  I'll wait right here for you. You go on." Saige encourage Nicki.
"Hello, I'm Nurse Sophie. Oh my you have a bee sting on your hand!"
"Yes and on my cheek too." Nicki said sniffing.
"Oh it's going to be alright." Nurse Sophie assured her. "There's no stinger in either spot. I'll just clean them up a bit."
"Be sure to apply this topically for 5 days. It will help reduce the swelling. Remember no scratching! You don't want a scar." Said Nurse Sophie.

 "OK thank you." Nicki said.
Poor Nicki, she never expected to be stung by a bee at camp.

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