Tuesday, June 11, 2013

*Kit Sends a Letter*

Kit spent the entire afternoon writing a report on the "new neighbors". She is planning on mailing this report to Nicki and Saige at camp. 

"They won't believe a word I've said, but I just have to tell them." Kit said gritting her teeth.

Liberty Towne Tatler
by Kit Kittredge
Things have gotten busy here on Snickerdoodle Street. The neighborhood is growing and dolls of all kinds are moving in. Architecturally the town is just as diverse with the addition of two modern structures, a mid-size Victorian and most recent, a small bakery that is set to open next month. Just last weekend we were invited to "tea" (as a trick) by new neighbors across the street. Who just so happen to be boys! Now the town is all a buzz whenever a boy is spotted skateboarding down Snickerdoodle Street.

Kit sealed the envelope and let out a big sigh. 
"Sometimes I wish we had a telephone."

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