Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Claire's AG Dolls Blog - Shout Out

I was so tickled to read Claire's recent post about how her mini dolls Felicity and Samantha have opened a bakery! This is such an adorable scene! 
 She has had this dollhouse for quite some time, her dad built it for her and now she has made this fabulous bakery setting.
Claire made all of the treats here!
Claire is so creative, she has a You Tube channel AGandMeStudios where she does the most awesome music vids, stop motions stories and she is quite a photographer.

Stop by both YouTube and Claire's blog then follow her to see what her beautiful dolls are up to!

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  1. Than you so, so much for giving me such a great shout out!!!!!! I didn't notice until just now that you posted it. This was so very nice! thank you! ~Claire :D