Friday, June 7, 2013

*We Need A Plan*

The dolls looked at Cecile as she announced that both she and Marie Grace had something to tell them.
 "We were on the veranda when suddenly we saw a very strange shadow." Cecile began. "It went by so quickly we both weren't sure just what it was."
"I jumped to my feet to see if I could get a better view, but nothing was there." Marie Grace added. "It had what looked like a hat on and was a tall figure."
"Oh my goodness!" Screamed Felicity. "What was it? Who was it?"

"We don't know. It simply...vanished." answered Cecile.
"That's creepy! I heard weird laughter, deep laughter, odd laughter." Kit said.

"Laughter?" Cecile sounded puzzled. "When?"
"We both heard laughter the other day when we were cleaning  the kitchen." Kirsten said softly.
"Never mind all of this! What are we going to do about this note? This invitation to tea?" Kit yelled.

The room went silent. The dolls eyes panned the room as they all looked at each other for an answer.
"I'm not going!" Said Nellie. 

"Neither am I!" Felicity said with a crack in her voice.
"Don't you want to see who US  is?" Kit asked. "I'm not going by myself."
"What do Nicki and Saige say about this?" Marie Grace asked.
"They don't know. They're at summer camp." Samantha replied.
"We need a plan." Molly said matter of fact. "We need a team plan because the note says we are to be over for tea tomorrow."


  1. Its going to be a american girl doll (not mini) or some other type of doll besides a mini american girl doll!

  2. I think they should go to the teaparty!I'm so excited to see what happens!