Thursday, June 6, 2013

*Who is "US" Mystery Letter*

Kit knocked on the front door and Cecile answered.
 "Bonjour Kit." Cecile said.
"Bonjour! Where is Marie Grace?" Kit asked out of breath, she had run all the way down the stairs and next door to their house.
 "I am right here Kit, what's the matter?" Asked Marie Grace.
 Kit gulped, caught her breath and explained, "Kirsten found a strange letter and we need you both to come over to take a look at it."
Cecile and Marie Grace looked at each puzzled. They quickly closed the door and followed Kit home where the dolls were waiting.
"Here they are..." Kit called out.
 "Bonjour." Cecile greeted the dolls.
"Hello friends. Please come in and sit down." Samantha said.
 "Kirsten why don't you tell them what happened." Instructed Samantha.
"I was on the porch sweeping when I found this letter. I read it then ran inside to show everyone." Kirsten spoke very slowly.
 "What does it say?" Asked Marie Grace.
 "Here read it for your self!" Kit said handing her the letter.
"This is odd." Said Marie Grace. "Who is US?"
"None of us know." replied Nellie.
 Cecile whispered to Marie Grace..."should we tell them what we saw?"
Marie Grace nodded her head.


  1. Are you going to tell us what they saw?By the way,great pictures!