Saturday, July 6, 2013

*Opening* Mini Clothes (Molly and Saige)

I get a lot of questions about mini doll clothing resources. Your GO TO SHOP is Auntie Robin. Owner Robin makes unique OOAK clothing for minis including 6.5" AG and 8" Ginny dolls. 

Robins says, "being from a very large family, it seems I've always been an aunt. I love to sew! Choosing just the right fabric and trims for each one-of-a-kind item at Auntie Robin's is so much fun!"

Only top quality 100% cotton fabrics are used. Special orders for birthdays or special occasions are welcome. GIFT IDEA: Doll outfit out of matching fabric to go with a skirt for your little girl! 

 Every mini doll needs cozy PJs.


Example of custom order.

 Three piece prairie outfit - so cute!

 Robin believes in giving back too! She says that "giving to charities that benefit children is a priority. Five percent of all sales are donated to charity."

Isn't that wonderful?

I recently placed a custom order request for my mini Molly. I have dreamed that AG would begin selling birthday outfits for the minis. They haven't. 

 However Auntie Robin answered my prayers and made this beautiful mini version of Molly's birthday dress.

My next order is on it's way - Molly's Plaid School uniform.

*Opening Video*

Plus I made a SPECIAL request for mini Saige. 



  1. Thank you very much for featuring my Etsy shop today! The mini dolls are so much fun!!
    Robin from auntierobin

  2. These clothes are wonderful! How much is the made to order price range?

    1. I'm not sure. It depends on how many you order. An outfit would be estimated under $10. You can PM Auntie Robin on ETSY to inquire.

  3. Hello from auntierobin! Most outfits for the mini dolls are $5.50. I love to hear what special outfits these little dolls want!
    Thanks so much,