Thursday, July 18, 2013

HTM Tables & Chairs *Requested*

Hello everyone! 
I am back again today with another tutorial as requested by Mya. Today we are going to make easy tables. This basic construction process will make any height or length that you need.

For supplies I am going to list the various items I have used to make tables, but you can use whatever you have lying around.

  1. card board, foam board or shipping boxes. (square/rectangle table top)
  2. ring boxes (square/ rectangle table base)
  3. empty spools of ribbon (round table top)
  4. empty spools of thread (round table base)
  5. paint
  6. scrapbook paper in wood tones, marble
  7. glue stick
  8. hot glue
  9. scissors
*TIP whenever I work with paint I typically lay a sheet of wax paper onto my work surface. I can blend paints there and don't have a big mess to clean up.

Assembling square or rectangle table (perfect for low style tables). 

Cut a piece of board to the size desired for your table top. Hot glue the top to the ring box base.

Round tables (perfect for eating on or as bed side tables) - hot glue empty spool of ribbon to thread spool.

Paint you entire table in the color you want (brown, white, black or any color). You can choose to leave your table top the same as the rest of the table or you can glue marble or wood-grain scrap book paper. (How did we craft before we had scrapbook paper!?)

A step further! You can make table cloths for your table using fabric remnants.

Chairs are a bit more tricky, but I am going to explain how I made parson style chairs using sponges sold without the scrubby side. 
I cut a 5" x 3" sponge in half  and stacked them with hot glue. (The seat 2.5" x 3") 

I hot glued another sponge (vertically) right onto the base to make the back, then covered the entire thing in felt. Felt comes in so many colors and prints. Its easy to work with and won't fray. 

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