Friday, July 12, 2013

*No Horse Play* - Camp Doll Diaries

With Molly, Cecile and Kit back at home, mini Saige and Nicki have been keeping close to the horse stables after they got word a mare was soon to give birth! 

 They had paid great detail in caring for the stable, ensuring it was warm with plenty of hay and water.

Over the past few days they had noticed that the mare refused to eat apples or see anyone.
"It's time!" Said the veterinarian.

The dolls raced to the stable where the mare struggled, huffing and whining. 

Then suddenly the foal was free. 
Both Saige and Nicki had been around many horses before, they knew better than to interfere during the first few moments after the birth. Mare and foal needed to bond.


All at once the mare stood, exhausted, but encouraged her newborn to do the same. The foal was shaky.....

but soon stood on it's own and began to nurse.


 Saige and Nicki hugged each other with tears in their eyes as they watched this small miracle.

And that's what they named the new foal - "Miracle".

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