Saturday, July 13, 2013

Samantha's Porcelain Dolls

I love chatting with my blog readers. I enjoy hearing feedback, questions or requests.

Once Upon A Doll Collection inquired about Samantha's porcelain mini dolls that are in my DOLL HOUSE TOUR.
They were thrifty finds!
If you re-call in Meet Samantha she is given a $6 doll by her Grandmary and names her after her late mother, Lydia. She then gives Lydia to Nellie. ($6 = $168)

In the third book, Samantha's Surprise, Samantha longs for a beautiful porcelain doll she saw in the window of Schofield's Toy Store.

For Christmas she is given Clara. 
I do not own either doll. If you have searched eBay, you know they can be over $100.

When I saw these little porcelain dolls I thought immediately of Samantha. The blue and pink dresses reminded me of both Lydia and Clara, though they are brunette and blond; both AG dolls are brunette.
Still I think they look great with Samantha! And she certainly does love them! But they are not the only dolls that Samantha owns.
 She has a family of porcelains dolls.
If you would like to see them, let me know!

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