Friday, August 9, 2013

NEWS - A Few Changes

If any of you read my other blog Living A Doll's Life, you already now that I recently downsized my collection. I have decided to go strictly with AG historical dolls. That means all of the girls on Snickerdoodle Street are STILL front and center to this blog. However there have been some casualties along the way.

Here are the changes you can expect to see: 
BAKERY: Cecile and Marie Grace have taken over the duties at the bakery whipping up french pastries.
POST OFFICE: Kit has assumed all postal duties and writes the town newsletter.

And as usual Felicity is in charge of the livestock, Kirsten does the gardening while Nellie tends to the sewing. Samantha remains the House Manager and Molly both plans and organizes community meetings and events.

The LPS and Blythe dolls will be supporting members of this blog as time allows.


  1. Are you keeping Nicki and Saige?!?!?!?!

    1. Yes - no worries. Nicki and Saige are here to stay! You will see them soon :-)

    2. Oh Good! :) I really like them! :)