Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AG Minis Catalog 2001

Yay for eBay where you can find ANYTHING!

The A*G Minis line was released in October 2000. The basic setup consisted of a light box, that could include a clear shield for the front and a drawer to store small parts in. The sets were small and elaborate, targeted more towards older children. A complete room was around $178 (much more than a doll) and decor sets were about 20 dollars. Each set had wallpapers, furniture, lights, and other small details to make the room look realistic on a small scale, much like a doll house. Discontinued 2003 - American Girl Wiki

I do not own any of the AG mini set ups or furniture. These rooms are so inspiring I just had to share! You can find pieces from different collections/rooms on eBay.

 I love this outdoor oasis. I know my minis would love a place like this to have BBQ get-togethers. The mosaic table - amazing!!

 Mini Nicki and Saige would just love the horse stables!!!!!! (Don't you?)

The Diner is by far my favorite.
 This one is on EBAY

Friday, October 25, 2013

HTM Mini Bathtub

Amelia Thimble is only 4". She looks cute in her mini tub. Make a mini bathtub that your AG minis will fit in!!

Clear tub liner from Crisco Baking Stick
Clear or white beads; or table scatter
Wash cloth
Infant sock

Take an empty clear liner from Crisco sticks (bathtub). Fill with beads or table scatter to act as bubbles. You can paint the outside of your tub or cover it in scrapbook paper and/or ribbon.

For your bath towel cut your washcloth in half and sew the edges with a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying. You may add trim or ribbon to decorate your towel if you wish. 

Cut a piece of felt thick enough to fit (headband) around your dolls headCut the toe off of the infant sock to make a shower hat, then glue or sew your felt to the edge. Add decorations if you want to the hat.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zapf Baby Born Mini World Dolls

Another great reader post by Steffi!
Zapf Baby Born Miniworld dolls.
These are 4.5" baby dolls that came in very neat little room boxes with paper dioramas some years ago. (The line is still around but much has changed and they no longer do the room boxes.) The tops and pants fit AG minis, although the sleeves and pant legs are short. I keep buying these sets on ebay or flea markets just for the outfit pieces and accessories - the babies themselves look very much like the large-size Baby Born dolls, are good quality and work well with 16" Tonner dolls (Tyler Wentworth). 

  Find these on ebay and amazon.com

Monday, October 21, 2013

HTM Mini Room Boxes

I love the idea of Room Boxes. Some of you may not have the room or even the desire to make a doll house for your minis. You can have a room box that will house your items and when you're ready to display or play the pieces fold out nicely.

Amelia Thimble has a beautiful room box by Jessica.

This beautiful room for Amelia Thimble is by Imma Mariquita!
Imma Mariquita
You too can create a mini room using photo storage boxes or vintage doll carrying cases and trunks. 
You can find plenty on etsy.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Miniature Kirsten Larson Furniture

I had been watching a set of miniature furniture on eBay. This set reminded me of Kirsten I absolutely loved it.

 With a steady hand and acrylic paints YOU can do this to your mini Kirsten's furniture or any basic unfinished doll house furniture.

Wouldn't Kirsten love this!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Minatures to DIE for - BobbieJMinis

While I was at the miniature show I met a vendor, Bobbie Johnson, who had the most exquisite handmade items. I was so impressed with her attention to detail. I think you will love these beautiful items. They would be fitting for mini Felicity, Caroline, Samantha, Nellie, or Rebecca. 
 This shabby chic bedroom is so sweet. I absolutely love it! Can't you see Samantha or Rebecca living here?
 Caroline or Felicity would have a screen like this in their bedroom.

 These are display dresses sold alone ($48) or with matching hat ($68) do not "fit" mini dolls. They would look beautiful in a dress shop or even placed inside a bedroom over a chaise lounge.

 Marie Grace or Cecile would spend many hours chatting in this bedroom.

 Hats and designer handbags (Chanel, Dior, Gucci) range $8.00 - $9.25 with some styles at $25 perfect for a dress shop.
 I love the men's haberdashery.

 How cute would these ice skates look in mini Caroline's room? ($30) 

Silk dress and hat $68
Please stop by her etsy shop.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dollhouse Brick Pathway

I found this vinyl brick (15") at Dollar Tree. I need it for the exterior of my main dollhouse! Yay!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

*On Location* Mini Saige at Miniature Show (Video)

With Saige as your guide, let's take a tour of the miniature show! I hope you find plenty of inspiration for your current or future projects.

Beautiful Bakery 





You can see Saige's video footage!
  There was plenty to buy from several vendors!

This is what I bought.