Friday, October 25, 2013

HTM Mini Bathtub

Amelia Thimble is only 4". She looks cute in her mini tub. Make a mini bathtub that your AG minis will fit in!!

Clear tub liner from Crisco Baking Stick
Clear or white beads; or table scatter
Wash cloth
Infant sock

Take an empty clear liner from Crisco sticks (bathtub). Fill with beads or table scatter to act as bubbles. You can paint the outside of your tub or cover it in scrapbook paper and/or ribbon.

For your bath towel cut your washcloth in half and sew the edges with a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying. You may add trim or ribbon to decorate your towel if you wish. 

Cut a piece of felt thick enough to fit (headband) around your dolls headCut the toe off of the infant sock to make a shower hat, then glue or sew your felt to the edge. Add decorations if you want to the hat.

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