Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AG Minis Catalog 2001

Yay for eBay where you can find ANYTHING!

The A*G Minis line was released in October 2000. The basic setup consisted of a light box, that could include a clear shield for the front and a drawer to store small parts in. The sets were small and elaborate, targeted more towards older children. A complete room was around $178 (much more than a doll) and decor sets were about 20 dollars. Each set had wallpapers, furniture, lights, and other small details to make the room look realistic on a small scale, much like a doll house. Discontinued 2003 - American Girl Wiki

I do not own any of the AG mini set ups or furniture. These rooms are so inspiring I just had to share! You can find pieces from different collections/rooms on eBay.

 I love this outdoor oasis. I know my minis would love a place like this to have BBQ get-togethers. The mosaic table - amazing!!

 Mini Nicki and Saige would just love the horse stables!!!!!! (Don't you?)

The Diner is by far my favorite.
 This one is on EBAY


  1. It was a huge fail on the part of AG that they did not make these things the right size for the mini dolls t use, or size the mini dolls so they could use them. They are 1:12 doll house sized, so many items are not compatible with the minis though there are some pieces that are. So don't load up thinking you hit an AG Mini doll bonanza.

  2. Cool!
    - Anonymous A.