Wednesday, November 27, 2013

*Kit Confronts the Girls*

"Samantha! Molly!!" Kit yelled from the stairs.
"What on earth?" Samantha came down the stars to meet Kit. "What's wrong? Why all of the shouting?"
"Where's Molly?" Kit asked looking around.
"I'm here." Molly said.
"Alright, I would like an explanation. Why didn't either of you tell me Nurse Katherine would be staying here in our house?" Kit asked.
"I didn't know it would be of any great concern Kit. She is staying with me in my room." Molly replied.
"You don't have any space in your room for another person. How are the two of you going to manage?" Kit was confused.
"There's plenty of room when the cot is rolled up." Samantha explained.
"Yes. I moved the desk over in the center so Katherine could sleep in front of the door on that side." Molly described the set up.
Kit rolled her eyes. "Well I feel ridiculous meeting Katherine at the Bakery when I could have gone down stairs to YOUR room!" Kit turned on her heels and climbed the stairs to type out her interview.
"That girl is always looking for a news story, how did she manage to miss one right under her nose?" asked Samantha.
"Or under her own room." Molly giggled.

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