Saturday, December 14, 2013

*Nicki (tries to) Comfort Saige*

 "I was planning to go see Felicity tomorrow. We were going to go riding." Nicki told Saige.

"Oh sounds like fun." Saige's voice trailed off...

"What's bothering you?" Nicki asked.
"I'm just kind of down."
"What happened?" Nicki asked.

"It's more than just what's happened. It's what's going to happen. We had fun at camp right?"

"I did." Nicki answered.
"After camp, we went to see the new Bakery. A lot had changed while we were gone." Saige explained.

"Including you. You started out as one Saige and came back from camp another Saige." Nicki said upset.
"I told you I'm the same girl! Anyway, now Halloween and Thanksgiving are over and soon it will be Christmas."
Saige said softly.
"I know it's going to be fun decorating the tree and eating all of the food." Nicki smiled.

"No you don't understand Nicki. My year is almost over...." Saige put her head down. "My year will be over in two short weeks. This year has gone so fast. I'll be forgotten and the new ballerina will be popular."
"You don't think that I understand? My year has been long over!" Nicki said. "But look at what I'm doing! I've got lots of friends, we went to camp, I live in this special house...and I have a horse!" Nicki tried to comfort Saige.
"You're not the only one you know? Molly and Emily, it's their last year too." Nicki said, but it did no good. 

Saige was too upset.


  1. I am enjoying your vignettes very much!