Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to Make Cardboard Mini Hats


  • Toilet paper tube 
  • Thin cardboard (cereal or snack box) 
  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue 
  • Various scrapbook paper, felt, paint, ribbons
Chad Alan
  1. Cut (slice) the tube vertically up the side, measure it to size on top of your mini doll's head, tape.
  2. Cut a piece of cardboard into a circle for brim.
  3. Trace the toilet paper tube onto the center of circle, cut out the hole; set aside.
  4. Cut the tube to the height you want your hat - taller top hat or lower derby hats.
  5. Hot glue the circle (hole) you previously cut and glue it to the top of your tube (lid).
  6. Glue the tube to the brim.
  7. Decorate as you wish - scrapbook paper, felt, paint, ribbon.

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