Friday, February 14, 2014

*Valentine Dates* Barbie & Ken - Allan & Midge

 It's Valentine's Day, no pressure right? 
The boys, Ken and Allan are on the best behavior. They aim to impress their favorite girls!


Ken surprised Barbie with beautiful roses... 


 ...and a box of Valentine candy!!


"Ken, I want to thank you for the lovely flowers and chocolates. And this dinner was very romantic."

 "I'm so glad that you like it Barbie. It's the least I can do, after all you really are a swell girl friend." 


"I've had the loveliest time tonight." 
"Happy Valentine's Day Barbie."

(I hear wedding bells, do you??)
Allan picks up Midge and the two are going to dinner.

 Little did Allan know, but Ken and Barbie just left the restaurant for a stroll on the beach.

"Midge, before we go inside...I wanted to give you this...."


 "Oh thank you Allan."


"You look very pretty tonight Midge."


"Thank you Allan. Boy you sure know how to impress a girl." 


"Did you enjoy dinner?"
"Yes it was lovely."


(Wow that Alan is quite a romantic guy...SWOON)
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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