Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Make Mini Kit's Tree House (Lots of Pictures)

I saw this AMAZING cake -  

and thought I would make mini Kit her very own tree house. 
(See Kit's full size tree house.)

  • USPS box 7.25" x 7.25", but any box 7"-8" square will do. 
  • Cut off three of the top flaps.
  • Cover the interior with wood grain scrapbook paper then tape the single flap securely at the sides.
  • Cover the exterior with wood grain contact paper. 
  • Cut out a window.
  • Using the extra three flaps (previously cut off top) make a pitched roof. Everything hot glues into place. 
  • Begin covering the roof and trimming the window and door frames in Popsicle sticks.

  • (I had square dowel pieces left over from a previous project) use them as "stilts" and hot glue one on each side/ corner.

  • Using a piece of cardboard, cover it in contact paper then hot glue it underneath in the front for the balcony.
  • Add Popsicle sticks for railing. 

  • Build a ladder using Popsicle sticks.



You can paint the roof grey and add any embellishments you like.


  1. This is really cool! I think i will make it!
    Some ideas to give it color:
    String some beads together and glue them to the door and window.
    Use a plastic pop bottle cap and string to make the lift for Grace.

  2. Mini Kit's treehouse turned out great!

  3. Rhonda, You did such a nice job making a tree house for mini kit. AG doesn't make anything extra for the mini dolls. Maybe that's good in a way that way we can all make something ourselves using our imagination. Also costing a fraction of what AG would have charged. Thank you for showing us easy crafts we can make for our dolls.

  4. Love the tree house! You did an awesome job! Your Mini Kit is one lucky girl! :-)