Thursday, April 10, 2014

TBT - Custom Boy Minis (Battat)

You can read my Battat mini doll review on DOLL DIARIES.

Josh's room that he shares with Jack.

Paul in his room that he shares with Marcus.

Marcus in the kitchen.

To see a video of their house go HERE


  1. Hi Rhonda, I'm just curious what you did with the mini boy dolls. I was considering purchasing them before you removed them from Etsy. Are they still available?
    ~Molly W.

    1. So sorry. They sold already, but don't despair - MAKE YOUR OWN!!!! :-)

  2. Very nice makeover! How did you cut the hair and where did you find boy shoes for minis?

  3. I began cutting off the length then shaped the hair from that point. You can just tell where it needs trimmed as it will begin taking shape. The shoes were already a part of the CLK outfit. I love the hiking boots. But you can find a basic pattern in the pattern section to make soft sneakers or boots.