Wednesday, April 30, 2014

*Isabelle and Saige at Hart Dance Studio*

Nicki went into the kitchen after she heard Saige leave with Isabelle.

 "Wow those two sure do have a lot in common."


 And to think Saige was so worried and nervous to meet her knowing they were going to camp together this summer."


 "This is it! This is where I practice."
"I love this fluffy tutu!"


"Here is the dance barre and mirror."


 "What's this mat for?"

"Oh that's where I do warm up stretches and Pilate's."

 "You should come by one day so I can show you a few ballet positions."

"OK. It looks like we will be going to camp together this year. Are you excited?" Asked Saige.

"Yes! It will be my first time. I know you've already been, so who better to show me around?"


"I hope I'm not losing my Best Friend...."

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