Tuesday, April 29, 2014

*Isabelle Visits Nicki and Saige*

Both Nicki and Saige are excited to have Isabelle over.


"Isabelle, I wanted to show you something I found on the blog Snickerdoodle Street."

"Oh I've heard of this blog. It's about mini dolls right?"


"Right. And there's a lot about you already!" Said Saige.

"Yes, but did you hear that McDonald's is going to be having mini dolls of YOU inside their Happy Meals??" Asked Nicki.




"OMGoodness! Are you serious??? Wow!"

"Yes it's the first time ever that a GOTY has been featured." Said Saige.

 "2009 they had AG Happy Meals with Historical Characters," explained Nicki.

When do they come out?" Asked Isabelle.

"May 23, just before Memorial Day." Answered Nicki.
 "Hey Isabelle, here are a few of my paintings."



"Oh my! I have seen them inside the AG catalogs, but never in person. They're so beautiful Saige."


"Thank you."


"You know what would be fun? If I showed the two of you around the dance studio!"


"That sounds fun, we haven't been by it yet."

"You two go ahead, I have a lot of chores still left to do." Said Nicki.

To be continued.............

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