Monday, April 28, 2014

*Meeting Isabelle*

Nicki accompanied Saige to finally go and meet GOTY 2014 Isabelle. They are very nervous.


"Hi, I'm Saige."
"So nice to get to meet you! I'm Isabelle."

"And this is GOTY 2007 Nicki."
"Hi Nicki, thanks for stopping by."


"Oh my gosh whose sketch book?"


"Oh that's mine."


"I know you like to paint Saige, trust me my sketches don't compare to your artwork." 


"Oh wow these are amazing Isabelle!"
"Oh thank you..." Isabelle was flattered.


"Come on I'll show you my room upstairs."



"Wow it's really pink. Where are all of your tutus?"

"Oh I have a few in my dance bag and others at the dance studio."

"Oh this tiara is beautiful." Said Nicki.

"Thank you. I wear it when I perform."

"Hey! Would you like to come over to our house?" Asked Saige.

"Sure, I'd love to!"

"Yes Saige wants to show you her artwork and I want to show you something I found online."

To be continued.............


  1. Yay!!!! Saige finally met Isabelle. Now they can make lots of memories together: )