Wednesday, May 21, 2014

*Opening* Ever After High

I was excited to begin collecting this line of dolls because as with Monster High these are creative and very detailed. Only in a "pretty Princess" kind of way without playing the same looks over and over (like with Disney Princess dolls).


I was drawn to Apple White first then Briar Beauty.


 Then Madeline Hatter

I love Cupid and Ashlynn too!

I bought Apple White and her fainting couch!

And Briar Beauty!
(Mattel is getting A LOT of my money!)

And I took the online quiz LOL and found out if I was a ROYAL or REBEL!!!

You can take the quiz HERE


  1. With the dolls you like i was think you where a royal! :) Im a rebel. through and through.

  2. I really want one but I'm not sure which. Any suggestions?

    1. If you're a rebel maybe Madeline Hatter - she is cute, colorful and I love the teapot theme. If your a little more dramatic then Raven Queen. Both are beautiful dolls!!!

      Let me know which you choose.