Tuesday, June 3, 2014

HTM An Enchanted Castle

Your Ever After High dolls need a home, right???

I saw this awesome, easy tutorial! 
Let's make one out of cardboard.

  • Cardboard 
  • Paper towel tubes for dolls under 10"
  • Wrapping paper tubes for dolls over 12"
  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue 
  • Scrapbook papers 
  • Craft glue 

 Cut pickets on the top edges of each tube.

 Draw your door and cut both the middle and top of the curve so the door stays intact, but is able to open. Now is a good time to cut pickets into your castle walls as well.

Cut two slits 2/3 from the bottom in each tube where your walls meet.

Slide the cardboard walls inside the slits and secure with hot glue. 

Begin painting or covering your castle with stone print scrapbook papers, don't forget to paint windows in the turrets.

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  1. I have to show this to my daughter when she comes home from school. She will love this craft.