Monday, June 2, 2014

Isabelle & Saige - First Day at Camp


Isabelle and Saige agree that they should leave the cabin now to set up their tent.

"Let's find a shady spot." Saige suggests.
"I'm right behind you." Replied Isabelle.


"Wow! Are those ALL of your clothes??" Saige exclaimed.


"Yes, I wasn't sure just what to bring." Isabelle said shyly.

"Well it is your first year at camp, but my pile is about half the size." Saige answered.


"This is really a good spot."


"Oh look a good spot to grill too."

"And an extra picnic table and trash can!" Isabelle said excited.
"Oh great! That's super convenient." Saige agreed.


"It's getting dark now, the crickets will be out soon."

"What name did you choose last year?" Isabelle asked.

"We were the Dragonflies." Said Saige.

"What name should we pick?" Asked Isabelle.
"I don't know, why don't you chose it?" Saige said.

"Look the stars!" Isabelle said excited. "I have never seen so many stars!"

"I'm really glad you're at camp with me this year Izzy." 
"Thank you, me too!"

"Shooting Stars!"
"Huh?" Saige asked.
"Our name SHOOTING STARS!!!!"

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  1. They are adorable! Glad they are having fun at camp! :-)