Wednesday, August 13, 2014

*Opening* OG Mini Holly, Lana & Sienna - Complete Set

My husband stopped into a Los Angeles Target over the weekend while he was out of state. He brought home Retro accessories and a NEW pup see them HERE.

He also brought back mini Holly and mini Lana. My friend Shelly was able to find Sienna at her Target and shipped her to me. Now I have a complete set!

 Complete set!!!
Opening VIDEO!

Faux fur collection - Kirsten wears her sheepskin vest, Sienna wears her faux bear vest.

Vest swap! Sienna wears Saige's faux rabbit vest and Saige wear Sienna's faux bear vest.  

You can see the opening video for Kendra, Ayla and Sadie HERE


  1. I'm super excited to get these. Just waiting for payday. I'm definitely getting mini Holly since my sister holly is a blonde with green eyes. I'll probably get Kendra to go with her. She was clearly named wrong, as she resembles my sister Amy who has red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. I saw them at my Target last week. Just hoping the ones I want will still be in stock!

    1. Let us know which OG minis you get!!!!