Monday, August 11, 2014

*Reader Photos* OG Mini Dolls

 Chrissy sent this photo and a report on her OG Mini doll findings. First, let me say that I LOVE CHRIS!!! He turned out fabulous!

"I managed to find all the minis (I have 6 Targets within 20 minutes of my house - it's insane - and not all of them including the newest and largest east coast one in King of Prussia had them).

One major caution is the lack of quality control and what I call Giraffe Neck Syndrome.  Many of the dolls I encountered suffered greatly from this deformity, but other limbs besides necks were not exempt."

"A bonus?  Their hair is SO thick I took a second Sienna and turned her into a Chris so we can have a boy friend too.

I did remember how much I hate sewing for tiny dolls when I tried whipping him up a quick pair of pants though.  He is still shirtless ;)

I do think the OG minis have wonderful faces even if they are all the same.  I really wish they had included some diversity in their offerings, but it's almost impossible to even see ethnic OG dolls in our area (southeastern PA).  When I went south (my grandmother was in Alabama), they were everywhere.  My guess is regional assignment.  Hopefully, they will offer some more options soon.  It's a good market."

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  1. I saw these at Target too! I just love them.. I love that you made a new boy.