Tuesday, September 30, 2014

OG Mini Doll Hair

I finally had a little time to spend with the OG Minis. I love these dolls. It's been fun finding new clothes for them and developing a small collection for them to use/wear.

I also took down their hair. I loved seeing the images online. I knew that it couldn't possibly have been intended for them ALL to have ponytails or pigtails. I notice the dolls have middle parts that run along the entire back of the head.

I took Lana and held her scalp under hot water for a few seconds them wrung her hair out in a towel.

It was easy to brush smooth and now it looks so awesome down.

I tried this with Holly, but her hair wouldn't smooth down. It sort of kinked up in back. I decided to restyle her hair in a low ponytail.

I braided Sadie's pigtails.

Sienna's hair is full and lush when let down. 

So is Kendra's beautiful red hair. I repeated the same process as I did with Lana's hair.

 I know the complaint has been that the OG minis look the same in the face. I don't see this as a factor because the AG minis all look the same in the face too, except for Nellie, Ivy, Elizabeth, Julie and Josefina.

Monday, September 29, 2014

*On Location* Gone Fishing

Time to go FISHING!

The dolls find a safe place to dock the boat, pile in and set off..

"All this bobbing up and down on the water is making me feel sick..."

 "Oh I'm not feeling very well."

The dolls are hoping to catch a few fish.....Sadie is very patient and watchful.

Sienna can't believe she caught a fish in her net!!

Looks like they caught a couple of good fish!
"Ugh I'm not cleaning these.....can we go back now. I feel sick."

Sunday, September 28, 2014

*On Location* Rock Climbing

 Another adventure .....

"Hey let's try climbing this rock wall!" Sienna points excitedly.

 "Look there's a ledge up ahead!" Sienna calls.

 "Wow she is going really high...."

"Come on you can do it!"

"I don't know about this." Sadie says.

BEHIND THE SCENES where the dolls are exploring...

 Faux fireplace in Cabin Room.

Rock wall shower....

How To Make Paper Stove

Saturday, September 27, 2014

*On Location* Minis At the Lake House

If you're following along on LADL and keeping up with the lake house vacation, you'll know that the minis have gone exploring!

Sadie is the first to determine the dolls need to explore the Cabin Room.

"Look at these fun stepping stones!" Sadie shouts.
"I think they're drink coasters Sadie." Sienna explains.

"Look who I found in the bathroom!!"

"Oh how cute is this cozy fishing cabin??" Sadie breaks away from the group.....


Friday, September 26, 2014

*Reader Photos* + REVIEW - IKEA Spexa Doll House

 Chrissy from Mommy's Doll Club sent these AWESOME photos of her new mini IKEA set.
Custom OG Boy doll - Chris

"Having fun with my OG mini's and some IKEA finds as well as some AC Moore finds."

 "The doll house from IKEA is flat like a book and unfolds with a kitchen, living room, play room and outside scene." 

 (play room could be bedroom?  It's pink). 

"The furniture has been available for year or so (my daughter picked one up for her Kelly dolls last year) but the house is new."

"The furniture comes in the white box you can see in the living room "extension" and includes punch outs of with the clock, lamp and basket shown as well as some other frames (that you hang on what I don't know)."

"The sofa has a removable cover so you easily sew a new one.  It is pink plastic underneath."

"All the wood furniture came from AC Moore at $1 a piece!  There are quality control issues but they have a bunch of stuff in their $1 section appropriate for mini's right now including baskets and chalk boards and easels."

(Chairs were all $1 each from A.C. Moore)

I also had to check out the Adirondack style chairs in a cabin setting so I hauled out our old Lincoln Logs which, as I guessed, are a good scale for the minis, but the set I had lacked long enough logs so I have rows supported by boxes in the back so they didn't tip. Lincoln Logs are my son's :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TBT - Saige Visits Miniature Show

Last year Saige went shopping at the Annual Miniature show! 

Throwback Thursday
See her VIDEO

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

*Reader Photos* Mini Size AGP

Shelly recreated a mini doll version of the AGP store! Shop for MyAG dolls, GOTY, Historical and Bitty Babies!

This AGP is so incredibly detailed! See if you can find the following: PWP,  MyAG hair accessories, LE set.

 Isabelle is SOLD OUT


This is OUTSTANDING! Thank you Shelly for sharing this mini AGP with us.

I hope Shelly's creation inspires you, all images belong to Shelly please do not re-post or copy. Thank you.