Friday, November 28, 2014

Snickerdoodle Street Q&A

I have gotten several questions about my decision to cease blogging Snickerdoodle Street. I will attempt to answer the questions here:

Q: Why are you taking down Snickerdoodle Street?
A: My doll spaces have become over loaded and it is difficult to maintain the structures (repair, dusting, etc)

Q: What will happen to your doll houses?
A: My houses will go into storage. I will keep Saige and Nicki's house and the SS Bakery out for easy access.

Q: Where will you put your mini dolls?
A: My OG mini dolls will be stored on a shelf.

Q: Do you still like mini dolls?
A: Of course! I find it very difficult to devote time to so many miniature items (cups, bowls, shoes, etc) keeping them corralled so nothing gets lost. It's becoming "cluttered".

Don't forget Snickerdoodle Street will remain online for readers to drop by at anytime. Moving forward any immediate AG mini doll news will be updated on LADL.

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